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Dr. Coates is licensed in the state of Michigan and routinely services both large and small animals in the state.  Routine trips are coordinated through our office based on demand and location.  At this time most of our work is being performed in either East Lansing or Metamora.

Dr. Coates is always willing to accommodate animals in other areas when enough work is provided.  If you are interested in our services for your animals please feel free to call the office and we can better help serve your needs.


Paws and Claws Angola: Dr. Coates is hosted by All Paws and Claws Veterinary Clinic in Angola, Indiana

All Paws and Claws Veterinary Clinic


 Covington Veterinary Hospital:   Dr. Coates is hosted by Covington Veterinary Hospital in Ft. Wayne, In

Covington Veterinary Hospital 





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