Food Therapy


“Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food” (Hippocrates)

One aspect of Traditional Chinese Veterinary medicine (TCVM) is food therapy.   TCVM food therapy is based on the philosophy that a good, balanced and appropriate diet is the cornerstone to health.  The goal of food therapy is to improve quality of life, slow progression of disease, and help the body breakdown, digest and utilize as many vital nutrients as possible.

A qualified TCVM practitioner utilizes the powerful healing properties of food to help correct imbalances and keep your pet healthier.   All foods have certain energetic qualities.  For example, in the summer when it hot outside most of us enjoy watermelon or salads from the garden.  This is because the cold energy of those foods helps us balance ourselves with the heat of a mid-summer day.  Conversely, a bowl of beef stew or chicken pot pie warms us in the cold winter months.

With a TCVM examination, Dr. Coates can determine if your animal is Excess or Deficient, Hot or Cold, or Damp or Dry.  By acknowledging an animal’s condition or imbalance, food can be prescribed to help your pet regain balance and harmony. Furthermore, if an animal is suffering from a medical condition there can be a tremendous synergistic effect when combining acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Therapy, and an appropriately designed food regiment/diet.

Dr. Coates is certified in Food Therapy through the Chi Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  To locate a certified Food Therapist near you visit and look under the “Resources” tab and click on “Find a TCVM Practitioner”.


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