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Pulse Electro-Magnetic Therapy (PEMF) is a branch of energy medicine and we are excited to offer this as part of our WHOLE health care program for both large and small animals and their owners!!

This therapy can benefit you and your pet by eliminating pain and inflammation naturally, increasing your energy and vitality, help your body heal and rejuvenate, improve circulation, and improve your range of motion.  We are particularly happy to be able to help post-surgical incisions heal with less scarring and faster!!  Lick granulomas and hot spots, which can be frustrating to deal with, respond very well to this therapy.

Horses that are in heavy training or work experience an incredible amount of relief in regards to muscle soreness and release of post exercise lactic acid production.  If you watched the Kentucky Derby and stakes races you would have seen this machine being used on the million dollar horses.  This is cutting edge therapy that is changing the approach taken to keep pain at bay, take away inflammation and keep our athletes sound and performing at the highest levels. This therapy is ideal in between chiropractic sessions with Dr. Coates.

Our PEMF technician will design a therapy package for you or your pet with Dr. Coates based off of the individuals needs.  Our technician can provide therapy sessions for you and your pets at your house/barn or at our facility (charges apply for house/barn calls).

We do offerPulse Parties” which involves gathering a group of animals and/or people in one location for PEMF therapy.  Party hosts will receive either a discounted or free therapy session for themselves or their pet based on the number of participants at the party.  To schedule a party call the office and ask to speak with the PEMF technician.  Parties are available on weekends and in the evenings.












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